Note to parents

On Monday February 17 and Monday March 9, school for students finishes at 11:30 as staff will be attending a COPE session and an SDP [...]

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Year 8 students studying French take part in competition organised by APFM

Year 8 students studying French at our school took part in a competition organized by the Association des Professeurs de Français de Malte. The competition was open for [...]

Meeting for Parents (Year 8) regarding Choice of Subjects

Dear parents / guardians In the coming months, your son/daughter will be making the exercise of the choice of subjects in preparation for the coming scholastic year. [...]

Festive Dress Down Day and Christmas Party

Monday 9th December 2019 we are going to hold a Festive Dress Down day in aid of the Piggy bank campaign.  Students are to come dressed down in a [...]

Christmas season calendar of events

12th December 2019 Panto 13th December 2019 Public Holiday 16th December 2019 Parents’ Day 17th December 2019 School Concert for Students 18th [...]

Talk by Unit Għożża

Servizz GHOŻŻA, which is a specialised service within the National School Support Services will be holding a ninety minute talk to parents of Form 1 students regarding [...]

Calendar of Events 2019/20

DATE EVENT 1st, 4th & 5th November 2019 Mid-Term Holidays 7th November 2019 Teen Science Café’ – year 8 girls – Xara LodgeOuting [...]

Wearing of earrings and similar piercing accessories

Ilbies ta’ msielet u aċċessorji ta’ titqib simili Fid-dawl tar-reazzjoni li kien hemm, il-Ministeru għall-Edukazzjoni u x-Xogħol sema’ lill-edukaturi, [...]

Pink October Day

We are organising a dress down day on Wednesday 16th October 2019. Students are to wear a pink top or a pink accessory together with the tracksuit bottoms. The [...]

Lockers for students

We have lockers FOR ALL our students at the Price of  €15, which is non refundable, Kindly note that losing the key will mean changing the lock of the locker, [...]

Free State School Transport

Apply now for free state school transport on [...]