Collection of text books for Year 7 students

Dear Parents/Guardians of new Year 7 Students, Kindly note that an announcement has been sent regarding collection of text books. Please note that this year collection from the school library will be as follows: Monday 26th September from 08:30 to 11:30 - Students whose surnames start from A to M Tuesday 27th September from 08:00 to 11:30 - [...]

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Time-table for Annual Exams 2022

Below are the time-tables for the Annual Exams for Year 7 and Year 8. The first exams for Year 7 students are on Thursday June 9th while the first exams for Year 8 [...]

L-ilbies tal-maskra / Wearing of masks

Għeżież Ġenituri/KuraturiL-ilbies tal-maskra fl-iskejjel mhux ser jibqa' iktar obbligatorju, imma aħna xorta ser inħeġġukombiex uliedkom jibqgħu jilbsu l-maskra [...]

Online lessons on Friday 7

Dear Parents A gentle reminder that on Friday 7th, lessons will be shifted online.  Please follow the points below: 1. Students are to log on on TEAMS on time - [...]

December activities

The following are the activities for the month of December: 6th December 2021 - school closed due to COPE session8th & 13th December 2021 - Public & [...]

Meetings for parents

Online information meetings before the commencement of scholastic year 2021/22 will be held as follows: Monday 13th September 2021 : Parents of students in Year 7 [...]

School uniform

These are the uniform items needed next year. The PE T-shirt, tracksuit / shorts are to be worn on those days students have PE listed in their timetable. On non-PE days, [...]

St. Nicholas College Rabat Middle School Annual Exams June 2021

Year 7 DateTimeYear 7TransportTuesday 8th June8:00-10:00English11:3010:30-11:30HistoryWednesday 9th June Study Day  Thursday 10th [...]

Thousands of single use plastic bags for shopping!

We’re in 2021 and I’m still wondering why people are using plastic bags when they go shopping. How is this possible when there is so much information about how these [...]

An X for an Axe

An X for an Axe - Amy Smith 8 London This photo by Amy Smith is an entry for the Young Reporters for the [...]

Nature takes over

Nature takes over - Luigi Said 8 London This photo by Luigi Said is an entry for the Young Reporters for the [...]