Thousands of single use plastic bags for shopping!

We’re in 2021 and I’m still wondering why people are using plastic bags when they go shopping. How is this possible when there is so much information about how these single-use plastics can damage the environment. I decided to investigate. I did some research about how many plastic bags an average person uses when they go shopping. I went in a well [...]

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An X for an Axe

An X for an Axe - Amy Smith 8 London This photo by Amy Smith is an entry for the Young Reporters for the [...]

Nature takes over

Nature takes over - Luigi Said 8 London This photo by Luigi Said is an entry for the Young Reporters for the [...]

St. Nicholas College Dingli Secondary School virtual tour

Since this year, orientation tours of the school for Year 8 students and parents to help facilitate transition cannoat be held, one could take a look at the virtual tour [...]

The reopening of schools

Question and Answer Will schools be reopened?Yes, schools are opening again.How and when will Middle Schools reopen?As from Monday 12th April 2021, Middle Schools will [...]

Online lessons for ALL students

This is to inform you that as from next Monday ALL students of Rabat Middle School, including those who were not attending school because of fear of COVID and have filled [...]

Online lessons as from Monday 15

Dear Parents / Guardians, Monday 15th March we shall be starting online lessons. Cameras must be switched on.   Kindly make sure that students [...]

Parents’ Day / Jum il-Ġenituri

Dear Parents, Kindly be informed that on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th February 2021 we will be having a VIRTUAL PARENTS’ DAY for all students, (both Year 7 and [...]

Pyjama day in aid of l-iStrina

Dear Parents/Guardians The School council will be organizing a Pyjama day in aid of l-iStrina on Friday 11th December 2020. All students who [...]

Anti-Bullying Week/World Children’s Day 16th – 20th November 2020

Theme chosen: ‘United against Bullying’  ‘This year, more than ever with COVID-19, we witnessed the positive power that society can have when we come [...]

Notice for parents picking their children who usually use transport

Dear Parents / Guardians, Kindly note that parents who will be picking up their children who were scheduled to use the school transport, are to inform the school [...]