Normal school day for Year 7s on Monday

Dear parents/guardians,I hope today's first day' s experience has been a positive one. Thank you for your cooperation. Kindly note that the next day of [...]

Notice for parents bringing children to school

Those of you who are bringing students to school are kindly requested not to drive near the school. The school sign have been changed by mistake. Let's [...]


As a COVID-19 measure, the dismissal of Rabat Middle School will be staggered. For students coming/going on foot or dropped off/picked up by [...]

Important notice

Dear Parents / Guardians, You are to inform the school whether: you intend to bring your son/daughter to school by your own carif student is coming [...]

Items needed for first day of school

Dear Parents / Guardians On the first day of school  ( Year 7 on October 9 and Year 8 on October 14), your son daughter is to bring along with [...]

School dismissal times for Rabat Middle School

A staggered dismissal will start at 1330hrs for all students and will last until 1406hrs.   Parents who will pick up their child at the end of [...]


Dear parents/guardians, Please note that we have just been informed that:-Year 7 students will start school on Friday 9th October, 2020There is no [...]

Update to school regulations

All Parents and Guardians Please download your Microsoft Teams as any serious problem needs to be addressed through this platform As you are well [...]

Guidelines and information for Parents/Guardians (following instructions by Public Health Authorities)

Our school is currently preparing to welcome students again and we are taking all necessary measures to make it a safe environment to all our students due [...]

Linji gwida u informazzjoni għall-Ġenituri/Gwardjani (fuq struzzjonijiet tal-Awtoritajiet tas-Saħħa Pubblika)

Bħalissa l-iskola tinsab fil-proċess li tilqa’ mill-ġdid lill-istudenti u qed tagħmel minn kollox biex tieħu l-miżuri kollha neċessarji minħabba [...]