Festive Dress Down Day and Christmas Party

Monday 9th December 2019 we are going to hold a Festive Dress Down day in aid of the Piggy bank campaign.  Students are to come dressed down in a red/green/Christmas top and school tracksuit trousers. A donation of two euro will be greatly appreciated. Friday 20th December 2019 we will have the school Christmas [...]

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Bamboo for You!

by Aimée Vassallo Drinking straws are used everywhere, from coffee shops to your own home.  The first known straws were made by the Sumerians as far back as 3000 [...]

Less plastic … more marine life

by Lisa Aquilina Micro-plastics, abandoned fishing equipment and other plastics are among our biggest environmental threats.  They are hurting sea animals, making [...]

Animals we are in danger of losing in Malta!

by Maya Farrugia & Shana D’Anastasi When we talk about endangered wildlife, very often we talk of endemic species which are geographically constrained to [...]

Litter less Campaign – Malta

The Litter Less Campaign is a joint initiative of the Wrigley Company Foundation and FEE and is implemented in schools running the Eco-Schools, LEAF and/or YRE programmes. [...]

Information for Parents/Guardians of Students in Year 7 regarding progress reports

Following the introduction of continuous reporting based on Broad Learning Outcomes, parents/guardians of students in Year 7 can access a report about their children’s [...]

Early dismissal on February 14 and 20

Dear Parents / Guardians Kindly note that school finishes at 11:50am on Thursday 14th February 2019 (due to Staff Development Programme) and on Wednesday 20th February [...]

Science for kids

If you want your kids to spend a couple of hours playing with science, this is the place to be. Circuits have never been so electrifying. How much thought have you [...]

Parler français c`est cool! Speaking French is cool!

Congratulations to our Year 8 students taking French Aimée Vassallo, Yanika Sammut, Erika Fabri and Amy Cutajar who took part in the competition Parler [...]

Safer Internet Day

St. Nicholas College is pleased to announce that we shall be holding a dedicated talk about Internet Safety on Tuesday, 5th of February 2019, from 8:30am to [...]